About Flooring Systems of Arizona

Our core values

At Flooring Systems of Arizona, we distinguish ourselves among
subcontractor trades by offering an extensive selection of flooring products, boasting over 2,500 options. Navigating the complexities of product specifications, applications, and installation techniques is a challenging endeavor, but our team of seasoned experts excels in staying current and delivering expertise.


"We actively seek training and certification opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills. Maintaining strong relationships with top industry suppliers is crucial, as they serve as valuable resources for product training and installation," explains Victor Jr.

Our rich history

Rooted in the ranching community of Imuris, in the Mexican state of Sonora, our founder, Victor Sr., embarked on his journey in the flooring industry around the age of 22. Starting as a carpet installer for a commercial flooring company in Arizona, he quickly honed his skills and built a reputation for quality work and ingenuity, forging connections with distributors, manufacturers, and industry professionals.

Now at the helm of the company at 74, Victor Sr. shares equal ownership with Victor Jr., who joined in 2005 and assumed the role of President in 2012. While the father actively oversees field tasks, the son manages operations and sales responsibilities.


Proudly locally owned

Being locally owned and operated is a source of pride for us. Our store is staffed by flooring experts hired from the local community, offering a diverse range of products tailored to the unique trends and performance needs of the region. When you choose Flooring Systems of Arizona, you not only get quality flooring but also support your friends and neighbors in the community, enjoying an unmatched level of personalized service that sets us apart.


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